Place Your Wager on a Prized Thoroughbred horse or Greyhound

Win big by putting money down on a thoroughbred or greyhound racing match in Eutaw, AL

Whether you're a seasoned racing fan or a newcomer, Greene County Entertainment welcomes everyone to experience the thrill of greyhound and thoroughbred horse racing.

Watch your horse or greyhound cross the finish line

Watch your horse or greyhound cross the finish line

There's nothing better than watching your horse or greyhound run across the finish line first - you'll be jumping out of your seat in excitement. If you want to experience the thrill for yourself, check out our thoroughbred horse or greyhound racing setup to place your wager.

Whether you win big or not, you'll still enjoy watching the horses:

  • Reach staggering speeds
  • Display extraordinary grace and power
  • Demonstrate impressive agility and control

Thoroughbred horses and greyhounds are two of the fastest animals in the world, so you're not going to want to miss a race. Put money down on a thoroughbred horse or a greyhound racing outcome today, then sit back and watch for your winner.